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iOS 11 Developer Profile (NO UDID OR COMPUTER)

Install iOS 11 Developer Beta Here!

Gonna cut right to the chase here, hit the download button directly under this text to get the profile.



DISCLAIMER: If you are considering installing iOS 11 Beta on your main, primary device, maybe try the public beta. The public beta is better optimized and tested for usage on "daily-driver" iPhones and iPads. You can learn more about the public beta here. However, if you really want the developer preview on your device, expect reduced performance, lesser battery life, random crashes, weird glitches, overheating, and this is rare but possible, data loss. Neither Sam Henri or Apple is responsible for data loss or reduced performance.

I make install videos before the actual beta releases to prepare people for what they need to do when it comes out. My video publishing does not mean the beta is released, but rather is it near. Do not get your general non-gender-specific parts in a bunch because the beta 3 or 4 or whatever is not out right now.