Sam Henri

Nighthawk App Custom Icons

A collection of my personal favorite icons I created for Nighthawk. All modeled after the colors of the 1999 iMac lineup (plus 1998’s Bondi Blue for good measure).


The Case for Apple Cellular

(I wrote a Medium article about why Apple should become a carrier, here's the UI I created to illustrate what the project could look like. Except from the story below, full story here.)

“[…] Although the idea of Apple making a credit card isn’t new (in fact, Steve Jobs explored the idea to the extent of creating prototype marketing materials for it), the fact that they actually went through with it took the air out of the room. Apple didn’t do this because they couldn’t wait to start raining titanium, laser-etched cards down from the heavens, this was a calculated move to make Apple an intrinsic part of your life in a not-too-distance post-iPhone world. We might not always carry a thin, flat black slab of glass in our pocket, but we will always need entertainment, which we’ll get from reading magazines through Apple News+, listen to curated playlists on Apple Music, and watch original programming on Apple TV+. We’ll need a way to pay for those services, enter Apple Card. All of those services requires an internet connection, and we’re not always going to be on Wi-Fi to access them, which brings us to the case for Apple starting a mobile carrier service. […]”

Read the full story here.

Pops Poster Final.jpg

Westport Pops Event Poster

Designed for the Westport School District’s Pops Concert, this style was modeled after how bubble gum looks, down to the luster of the surface and the random free-floating balloons in the background between the clouds.


Kurīn Skin Care Product Lineup

Inspired by soft, warm colors dominating the brand identity world and the inherent natural beauty of indigenous Japanese plants, Kurīn's skin care line brings ingredients exclusively found in nature to the mass market. Flowers blooming across a subtle yet striking backdrop expands across product lines, creating a seamless visual story throughout all products.

So You've Been Publicly Shamed Cover Redesign

Book jacket redesign of "So You've Been Publicly Shamed" by the always lovely Jon Ronson in the vain of mid-century American designer Alvin Lustig. In the thick of cancel culture, having hands ridiculing and pointing are just as important as showing a phone to illustrate cancelling people online.



John Mulaney Vintage Political Poster

Just a fun side project that turned my favorite comedian into a "Great Depression"-era politician. Tagline inspired by his Bill Clinton bit from his 2015 special, The Comeback Kid, on Netflix.