Sam Henri

You can’t spell “sustainable” without “abstain”.

While Twitter might be technologically similar to Twitter in 2006, the culture has become largly toxic. What once was a fun tool to interact with friends is now a way to spread hate and misinformation. There’s now a tool to make Twitter more like it was years ago. And it’s called Nighthawk.


📱 Designed for iOS

If you can think of a modern iOS technology, you can bet Nighthawk uses it. SwiftUI? Yep. Siri Support? Check. 3D Touch? Gone but not forgotten.

🧠 Emotionally Smart

When a particularly awful take gets the better of you and you prepare to launch a nuclear tweet, Nighthawk will add a slight delay to make sure you really want to call that person a poopy head.

🖥📱⌚️ Cross-Platform

Since Nighthawk was built from the ground up in 2019, the macOS, iOS, and watchOS versions all seamlessly work together. Each version absolutely flies, even on older hardware.

🦉 Dark Mode

Not some weird blueish-grayish one. Real system dark mode.

✋ Smart Filters

Sometimes we’re not in the mood to hear what the horse did in the hospital. Your timeline should reflect that choice. Mute it out for a little while or indefinitely, we won’t judge either way.

✅ Identity Graph

Although the verification badge started as a well-meaning way to indicate that a user is who they say they are, it has become a mark of approval and verified users have created a cool kids lunch table from it. Nighthawk talks with NewsGuard and Wikipedia to show you who a person is right in line so you can see why that person has a checkmark but only 800 followers.

🛒 Filter Gallery

Get access to a wide range of keyword and user mute lists if you want to avoid a certain type of accounts or tweets containing spoilers for a show you’ve been meaning to catch.

☁️ iCloud Syncing

Nighthawk syncs your timeline scroll position from device to device, the days of scrolling all the way to the top and slowly back down to find that one specific tweet are finally over.

Also alternative icons for my fellow color-coordination freaks 🤯