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Sam Gold


Sam is a new media graphic designer and digital marketer, which makes explaining his occupation to his family at Thanksgiving very difficult. He’s a YouTube veteran where he emphasized trending consumer technology with a satirical edge while utilizing an authentic voice starting at the age of nine.

[Sam has] a damn sick portfolio.
— Christian Selig, creator of Apollo for Reddit, July 10, 2019
Sam was always very professional and succeeded in producing creative, thorough and meticulous work. In addition, Sam was very productive with his time and always fished his work under schedule.
— Stacy Seiler, Art Editor at IRK Magazine and Parsons Design Professor, April 23, 2018
Sam is a rock star. He is creative, clever and way cool. He’s self-motivated, multi-talented and ready to take on the world. I recommend him highly, and without reservation.
— Dan Woog, Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Community Builder, LGBT Activist, Soccer Coach, Educator, Humanist, February 27, 2017




Co-founder of Nighthawk

Co-created Nighthawk, the Twitter client built for humans. Nighthawk is designed around the central belief that every human should have the freedom to express themselves without having their data mined and sold. We put control back in the hands of users, be it through greater control of filtering the content seen in the timeline or chill reminders to have the user take a beat before sending an ill-advised tweet.


Freelance Designer

Consulted on the user design and experience for Shirt App (in the top 100 shopping apps in the App Store), designed multi-platform brand assets for Lamarr Wilson (1.8M+ subscribers), created marketing materials for EdgeHill Partners, a leading commercial real estate firm.


Digital Marketing at Compass

Juggled multiple projects at Stribling and Associates, a brokerage division of Compass, the most ambitious being collaborating with several different teams to create a strong web marketing strategy. We accomplished this through establishing a consistent visual design, A/B testing Instagram stories while tracking engagement analytics, and conducting extensive keyword research to drive business goals.


Script Writer and Researcher, Apple Explained

Wrote 2,000 word scripts for Apple Explained with incredibly fast turn-around times (typically same or next day). 1M+ total views on videos I wrote.


Teaching Assistant, Westport Continuing Education

Supported an after-school program for middle school students to help launch their personal brand on YouTube, including a crash course on the nuances of video production skills specifically geared for social media platforms.


YouTube Content Creator

Amassed tens of thousands of subscribers over seven years, in the process picking up sponsorships from Google, Motorola, Philips and an award from the National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences for my coverage of the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Me in the News


“Graphic designer and marketer Sam Henri Gold has assembled an incredible archive of Apple’s promotional materials that stretches back to the 1970s, which he’s uploaded into a Google Drive folder for people to look through. The folder contains hundreds of videos and pictures of the company’s products, and it’s well worth the time to take a trip down memory lane. 

Gold has painstakingly organized this miniature online museum by decade and year, allowing visitors to scroll through and see how Apple marketed itself over the years. The archive mainly features the company’s TV ads, but there are also promotional features, product photos, and print advertisements as well. Gold notes that he began archiving the videos a couple of years ago after the “Every Apple Video” channel on YouTube stopped updating.”

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“This little rabbit hole is an incredible labor of love from Sam Henri Gold. When I asked Sam how he pulled this all together:

I began the archive after the Every Apple Video Youtube channel went down in March(?) 2017, been updating it since. I’ve been sourcing from YouTube (both Apple’s own and other small personal channels ppl uploaded Apple vids to) as well as FTP servers and clips internet friends donated. I’m always looking for more donations!

Have anything to donate to the cause? You can reach Sam on Twitter.”

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No, you’re not seeing double. I was written about twice!

No, you’re not seeing double. I was written about twice!

“When Sam Gold was 13, his parents gave him a bar mitzvah choice: a party, or a trip.

He went to San Francisco. But he wasn’t interested in the Golden Gate Bridge, or curvy Lombard Street. He wanted to visit the headquarters of Apple and Google.

Sam is now a Staples High School sophomore. He hasn’t lost his fascination with some of the most innovative companies on the planet. If anything, he’s teaching them some lessons.“

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“Apple ads from the 1970s to the present day have been archived by graphic designer and marketer Sam Henri Gold.

The archive includes literally hundreds of TV ads, print ads, promo photos and more, organised by decade and then year.“

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“Apple existed for 26 years before Sam Henri was born. But he's so passionate about the brand, the 15-year-old YouTube content creatorspent months archiving more than 810 Apple-related videos—commercials, keynotes, bizarre training and launch spots—that date back as far as 1980. 

"I've been using Apple products and services since I can remember," Henri, who produces videos on technology trends for more than 5,000 subscribers, told me in an email.

In April, he saw a Reddit post about the YouTube channel "Every Apple Video" being removed by YouTube. To keep the content alive and accessible, he started uploading his own archive—built from, YouTube, archived versions of Apple's own website, and contributions from other Redditors—to a new channel called "Every ? Video" (later renamed "The Unofficial Apple Archive," which 9to5Mac reported on in April). Neither Apple nor YouTube immediately responded to Motherboard's requests for comment.“

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“Every January, CES — originally called the Consumer Electronics Show — draws 4,000 exhibitors to Las Vegas. Over 180,000 of the biggest names in technology and electronics — the industry’s movers and shakers — roll out new products, pitch ideas, schmooze and party.

Virtually none of them are high school sophomores.

Then again, few 10th graders are Sam Gold.

Posting as Sam Henri, he’s a content creator and social influencer. Sam’s more than 11,000 YouTube subscribers love his unique take on all things techs.

He’s high enough on the food chain that Google sent a web router. Other companies regularly offer new products to review.“

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“A teenager named Sam Henri created a YouTube account with every Apple video ever made, from commercials, keynotes, and miscellaneous videos going back to 1980. YouTube censors made him take it down, even though it appeared Apple itself didn’t seem to care. But Reddit stepped in and created a torrent of the 80GB archive that anyone can download.”

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Staples High School; Westport, Connecticut – 3.8 GPA

Electives include: Design and Technology, Television Broadcasting, Critical Film Analysis and Children’s Literature, Psychology, Journalism.


NYU Precollege, Innovative Business Startups

Intensive extracurricular program that drills into the lean startup model, acquiring funding, and best practices. 9/10 final grade.


NYU Precollege, Podcasting

Intensive summer course that covers everything in the world of podcasting, from professional audio gear use to storytelling techniques.


The New School Precollege, Graphic Design

6-weekend long course offered by The New School Parsons that dives deep into the history of graphic design as well as a final book jacket design project in the vain of an established 20th century graphic designer.


The New School Precollege, Strategic Design and Management

Three-week intensive summer program from The New School Parsons. Integrates business strategy, design methods, technology, and liberal arts into one program. 95% final grade.



I can make some highly competitive nachos. Additionally…

Mastered Apple Pro Apps (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor), Adobe Creative Suite Apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd, After Effects, Premiere Pro), Sketch, and the Squarespace platform.

Highly skilled writer with a strong comedic voice, writing example can be found here.

Highly skilled with iPadOS and configuring/deploying large numbers of iPads across multiple sites. Working knowledge of Spanish and the Swift programming language.



Seydina Fall

Adjunct Instructor at New York University’s School of Professional Studies

Stacy Seiler

Art Editor at IRK Magazine - Assistant Professor: Parsons School of Design

Mike Bowen

Founder of ShirtApp and Illroots, a high-traffic rap music content publisher.

Dan Woog

Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Community Builder, LGBT Activist, Soccer Coach, Educator, Humanist